QED Makes VIASENSOR Gas Analyzer Repair Fast-N-Easy

We are excited to announce our Fast-N-Easy Inspection and Repair Program for our VIASENSOR gas analyzers. We are doing away with our previous procedure and moving to a more streamlined and efficient program. This new and improved program will simplify the inspection and repair process for you, improve turnaround times on inspections and repairs, and in many cases, save you money!
As with any change, we recognize that there will be some questions. Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions and answers that should help clarify things. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Why is QED making this change?

The main reason for this change is our desire to make the process easier for you, our customer and improve your overall experience with QED. When speaking with our customers, we heard some concern over the length of time that we were taking to complete repair on gas analyzers. We listened, investigated the situation and found ways to improve many facets of the repair experience. This simplified process will allow us to complete repairs in a more timely and efficient manner and even reduce cost in many instances.

What changes are you making?

To explain where we are going, we have to first discuss where we’ve been. This gets a little lengthy, so hang in there. Under our previous process, if your analyzer was in need of repair or calibration, you would contact QED and we would issue a Return Authorization, (RA), number. You would then ship the unit to us. We would receive the analyzer, inspect it and prepare a quote for all necessary repairs, (this would include an inspection fee and calibration fee). Your analyzer would then be cataloged and placed in our holding area while we waited for approval of the quote. Those approvals could often take as long as two weeks to receive. Once quote approval was received, we would complete all repairs, test the unit and ship back to you. We would then invoice you for all repair costs and return freight charges.
With our new Fast-N-Easy program, you will be quoted a flat rate repair fee, (based on your analyzer model); at the time you contact us to request a Return Authorization. You will then issue a purchase order, (or provide payment via credit card), for that flat rate fee and send your analyzer to us. We will receive the unit, inspect it, repair it, calibrate it, test it and ship it back to you via 2nd Day Air. All parts, labor and return shipping charges, (2nd Day Air only), are included in the flat rate fee. So, there will be no additional charges and no delays due to quoting the repairs!

Are all potential repairs included in the flat rate fee?

No. We looked at our repair history and identified the most common and frequent repairs and included them as part of the Flat Rate fee. We estimate that this will cover approximately 90% of all of the repairs that we perform. There are some repairs that we felt were outside of the norm, (replacement of processor boards, cases, etc.). Those repairs will still be quoted as an additional expense and will require customer approval before we proceed.

So, what do I get as part of the Fast-N-Easy program that I’m not getting now?

We’re glad you asked. Not only did we include a number of common repair parts as part of the flat rate fee, we also included a replacement shipping box, (if needed), and return freight, (2nd Day Air only). The chart below provides a quick overview:

The free Return Shipping is great. But what if I want it shipped Next-Day-Air, instead of 2nd Day?

Any premium freight upgrade, (Next-Day-Air, etc.), will be your responsibility and will be invoiced as a separate line item.

When does the Fast-N-Easy program go into effect?

January 31, 2017.

How much will this cost?

Flat rates vary, depending on the model and features of the unit. Please contact QED to request Fast-N-Easy pricing for your specific device.

As a customer, how do I benefit from these changes?

A simplified procedure
Improved completion times for repairs and calibrations

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